Nnabu Eze for Maryland

Nnabu Eze for MarylandNnabu Eze for MarylandNnabu Eze for Maryland

About Me

My background

Nnabu Eze grew up in Glassboro, NJ and moved to Maryland in 1996. Nnabu is the second of five children born to Micah and Peninnah Eze. Nnabu graduated from Rutgers University in New Jersey.

Nnabu has been married for 16 years to Chioma Eze, and together, they have a daughter: Zikora,9; and a son: Kobi, 2. Nnabu and Chioma are both devout Christians and are active in their local church.

A devoted husband and father, Nnabu has been an Independent Information Technology Contractor for over 10 years analyzing various systems for corporate/government clients and providing practical solutions for system issues.

Nnabu’s desire to enter politics is to utilize his experience as a systems analyst to analyze national issues and provide sustainable solutions. Together we can put an end to the do nothing Congress by removing career politicians from office who are unable to resolve our persistent national issues because they continue to apply archaic solutions to modern problems.

My top issues


Term Limits

Politics was intended to be another way for citizens to serve their country for a short time and should never be considered a career opportunity. With 10% approval rating and 95% re-election rate Washington needs a serious overhaul and the only way to achieve this is through term limits.

If pressing national issues like social justice, income inequality, high murder rates in major cities etc. are resolved by Congress then incumbents will not continue to be re-elected. These issues are either ignored or kicked down the road; our incorrect but natural response is to vote for career politicians who created this mess, to utilize their experience to fix it. When you are lost you know where you are and know where you need to be but what you don’t know is how to get there. The only way We the people can get to where we need to be, overhaul Washington and stop the politics of self interest is to support term limits.

The inefficiency of congress is partly by design and largely as a result of incumbency. I will pledge as a member of the Senate to support any constitutional amendment that would place term limits on members of Congress.



Our veterans for so long have answered the call from our government but our government have not answered their call. These brave men and women deserve our support and in the Senate, I will work with evangelical fervor on their behalf.

I will work tirelessly in the Senate to continue to streamline the process for filing VA disability claims in Maryland. Any backlog of disability claims is unacceptable; our veterans are sent overseas to fight wars they should not have to fight another one to receive benefits.

I will also focus on achieving accountability at the VA. Our Baltimore VA office has been rated the worst in the country for processing disability claims for our servicemen. I support granting the VA secretary the ability to immediately terminate VA officials with poor work performance.

Maryland’s veterans have struggled with unemployment and homelessness for far too long. If I am elected I will advocate for creating a culture in the VA of putting our veterans first and ensuring that our veterans receive quality care.



I support cutting taxes for everyone to spur economic growth. This can be achieved by simplifying the tax code and lowering the marginal income tax rates. When tax rates are reduced people will be motivated to work, save and invest which helps economic growth.

We must also stop Washington from harming economic growth that is created through wasteful and excessive spending. There are many opportunities to reform wasteful spending and in my career I have seen opportunities that would reduce wasteful spending. My plan is to reduce wasteful spending, motivate people to work by putting more money in their paychecks and balance the budget in ten years.

School Choice

 School choice allows public education funds to follow students to the schools or services that best fit their needs—whether that’s to a public school, private school, charter school, home school or any other learning environment parents choose for their kids.  I would support legislation that would allow access to quality education, and the right of parents to raise and educate their children. In order to make that choice possible, fair, and efficient, parents’ educational funds should follow their student to his or her school through means such as tax exemptions or credits.

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